Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First #1

Final done,final gone, holidays come! wee. The preparation is the big pain in ass [quoted by san]. Yet this is the true fact! Everything came to an end at 4 sharp 8 May 2011. Today's weather still stick to HOT. I need some cold weather please? Genting is hot or cool? Maybe can go there bi shu? Big Sigh. Our earth is getting sick. Human please protect your EARTH. Fi got no special to blog. Welcoming my holidays with my dinner at Korean cuisine. Yes, one of my favorite cuisine and I just love it. Night with big laugh and big stomach! How to resist my tempting food >.< . I'm so sorry for not able take any picture for the night. What a lost.

I've done my 1st to do list and now time for 2nd!

Shopping day with Penni and we try out the Ichibanboshi. Japanese cuisine for today. Another tempting salmon, unagi and octopus. Let's show u through this.

I lost my eggggg...waste waste waste


Let have a big bowl cold dessert in this BIG HOT day...geezgeez..
Teeth gonna freeze!

To do list 3rd. Gonna wait for all my dearly to finish final..Hwaiting yo ! Don't get imbalance.
Waiting for your!

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