Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First #1

Final done,final gone, holidays come! wee. The preparation is the big pain in ass [quoted by san]. Yet this is the true fact! Everything came to an end at 4 sharp 8 May 2011. Today's weather still stick to HOT. I need some cold weather please? Genting is hot or cool? Maybe can go there bi shu? Big Sigh. Our earth is getting sick. Human please protect your EARTH. Fi got no special to blog. Welcoming my holidays with my dinner at Korean cuisine. Yes, one of my favorite cuisine and I just love it. Night with big laugh and big stomach! How to resist my tempting food >.< . I'm so sorry for not able take any picture for the night. What a lost.

I've done my 1st to do list and now time for 2nd!

Shopping day with Penni and we try out the Ichibanboshi. Japanese cuisine for today. Another tempting salmon, unagi and octopus. Let's show u through this.

I lost my eggggg...waste waste waste


Let have a big bowl cold dessert in this BIG HOT day...geezgeez..
Teeth gonna freeze!

To do list 3rd. Gonna wait for all my dearly to finish final..Hwaiting yo ! Don't get imbalance.
Waiting for your!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Blogging is one of my entertainment here. Facebook is really boring. Sigh. Fi end her korean paper again. Bye to Korean level I and got to prepare for Korean II on the next semester! Really hope that I manage to cope with it. Countdown-ing for the last paper for tomorrow. Ish, I got no mood to study at all. I want to but not afford to raise up my spirit to continue. Everyone is shouting for their holidays! The hot weather make me feel lazy and I keep sweating under the fan. Sleepless night with the stupid mosquito. Make my day sucks. You know the feeling like when you feel tire but your brain still actively thinking of many many things. I want a tight sleep! Mosquitoes please go and suck the other today please. There got another available for you! Go her side !!

*Roomie came back this afternoon. My wish doesn't come true !=( *

Another sem gone! All the best mates in your way back home!

Friday, May 6, 2011


How would you classify the term of GENTLEMEN? Seriously, I'm started to think about this since few days ago? Should be say start from recently since I've found the one who give me this kind of feeling. I'm glad because almost all of my gentle friends are quite gentlemen at this moment until I found this one. Yea,I'm talking about you! Maybe in the other's eye, he is not that bad as I mention and maybe a nice boyfie through. This is simply my opinion at this moments. Perhaps you can be a gentlemen one day. I'm gonna wait and see how much you got change in the coming days. Thats the other one, that I've found and had been kicked out from my facebook's friend list too! Simply because I don't think I want to keep up our friendship. So why should I keep updated to your news and get contact with you. You are just nothing! Please get a mirror and look at your dumb face! I know I'm bad. So guys,if someday you found yourself is not in my list of friends, do know what had happened. HAHA. Okay, don't think I'm cruel please. I was born in this way and I've learn harder to become a thoughtful girl. HAHAHA! Still learning. Wokay, mama day is coming up this sun! What's your plan friends? I still thinking of it and that is my last day and yet my release day from final too! I need a backup plan in order my ori plan don't reach it. So date me friends! I want a dinner, I want movie, I want sing-k, I want vacation. Not to forget, I need to work too. I need you Job. I should stop thinking of this I know, 2 more to go and I have totally planning where to go instead of studying. Quote of the day [顺其自然 ]. I love this cause no matter how much you prepare and plan for it, anything might change in last minutes. So I should stop planning too much or else I will get much more disappointment after this. End up no movie,no sing k, no dinner and stay at home. HAHA. Who know! Thats the reason I love spontaneous outing!

This is the only short hair photo that I've now and Ithink your saw it at facebook as I make it as my profile picture di ! Sorry for the repeating photo~

Photo taken during mami birthday and the others photo were taken by sissy,so this is the only one with me. Sorry for the few photo taken cause the blogger also didn't take much photo as well. I'll stop here. Gonna ka ja!
*Fi is happy today because roommie went to Melaka and the room is MINE for the second day di! Hope she wont come back till the day I go back! *

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday

One week time passed! Countdown for the rest of 5 days! And I'm free for 4 months! 4 MONTHS, yea, no worry, don't think that you got it wrong. HAHA. Started to feel boring after 1 weeks time buried myself in the notes and I've lost contact with the outsider. By the ways, I should thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for giving the chances to the facebooker to spread over the new of Osama was killed by the U.S forces. This is the hit status posting on the wall by today! At least I'm still aware of this. 5days for 3 paper, I just hope the time can pass faster as reading at this time is not fun at all. Stop here as I need to continue with my revision again. Here to wish my mami HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow! I want to grab a big meal tomorrow! HAHA.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am an Apple

Please remove the bugs in my body please! Seriously, I need to concentrate in test. But why huh? Every time also laid back for test and final! Shit ! One more thing to share, I love to read blog with plenty of photo because I believe that photo told everything? haha ! sound very lao ya !hahaha..Ok, just suddenly feel of it! You can ignore me if you disagree with that. So what am I going to upload for today ? Hmm..My short hair photo? But I haven take it cause it's really look~~Haven found the way yet! Oh ya..who know how to private a post ? I can't found the way to do that.

photo of the day : An apple a day, keep the doctor away!
*Actually I feel that my hair look like that*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's early in the morning and I can tell you that fi still look weird on her hairstyle. I just dislike mirror at this moment. I have to find another way to style it until I get use to it. No photo taken and no outing for this two weeks! I'm for sure I'm gonna crazy for doing that! Maybe I can steps out when I find my way to made me look better..Ish! Mine problem. But,maybe i will love to stay short after this cause easy to manage? I don't know. Okay. Nothing emo, just try to find out the way and I love my hair. *starving for korean xing ramen*. I'm going to cook that. Have a nice breakfast with your love one! =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long become short

Fi just cut her hair today! It's short now and damn it! I got to style it everytime I'm going out..! this gonna make me in trouble! urgh! complicated feeling! anyways, fi's mom say it look nice compare to her long hair. Long time didn't cut till this length. I need time to adapt to it ! perhaps it will be fine on tomorrow morning! Cizzz..gonna start revision! see ya =)